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Artificial Intelligence

Be part of the future

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology

The AI technology is oriented toward very precise objectives, independent from any opinions and sentiments. Humans take their decisions led by emotions, while the AI technology is data-driven and supports the decision-making process, based on facts.

How our signals work

TradPlay provides you a way to use technology that creates explicit signals, generated before the market opens. 

The AI technology is designed to generate benefits from taking decisions during a predetermined period of time (Series). 

The signals for predictive decisions can be used for taking cryptocurrency positions or to be used for other correlated instruments or events. 

The provided signals teach you how to place stop losses, create objectives, and exit and join trades at the correct times to optimise your time and price entry. They give more in-depth information than what can be found on the Internet or through social media research.

What you get in our VIP Discord Channel

The AI technology generates predictive signals in Series before the respective events take place.

Series are a preset period of time. Four Series are generated each year.

Signals are usually generated around 40 minutes before the respective event takes place. The frequency of the signals is between 24 hours and 60+ days.

TradPlay gives access to four types of signals: 1. ”LONG Open”, 2. ”SHORT Open”, 3. ”CLOSE & WAIT for the next signal” and 4. ”CLOSE & EXIT”.

There can be gains and losses during each Series. The goal is to have a positive P&L for the portfolio at the end of each Series. You should also ensure that your transactions are well-managed and that adequate risk management procedures are followed.

TradPlay will provide Signals for each Series, when you access our Channel you will get Signals for one Series only.
More information about the signals could be found in the VIP Discord Channel.